Water-saving taps and showers for the environment and your wallet

Today, environmental protection is on everyone's lips. We all want to do our best to protect our planet and use natural resources more wisely. Water is essential to life, so it is important not to waste it. Despite these good intentions, we sometimes use more water than we should. This does not have to happen.

By installing water-saving taps for washbasins and showers, water consumption is significantly reduced while maintaining user comfort. This is made possible by the special design of the taps and by adding air to the jet.

GROHE EcoJoy reduces water consumption in showers by up to 68%. This is achieved by limiting the flow rate to 5.8 litres per minute. At the same time, you also save energy, because if less hot water is used, less water has to be heated. With washbasin taps, consumption is reduced by up to 50%, depending on the model. Here too, the water flows without compromising your comfort.

Faucets and showers with Hansgrohe EcoSmart consume up to 60% less water, thanks to flow limitation, special jet nozzles and the addition of air. The latter also makes the water jet softer. Of course, the energy requirement is also reduced.

Our top selection of water-saving bathroom products

Grohe BauEdge - Waschtisch-Standventil DN 15

tilgængelig med det samme
Hansgrohe Focus - Et-grebs håndvaskarmatur 240 uden bundventil chrom

omkring 1-2 uger
GROHE Euphoria - Duschsystem 260 EcoJoy mit Concetto Einhebelmischer chrom

omkring 3-4 uger
Hansgrohe Raindance Select S - 240 1jet Showerpipe DN15 mit EcoSmart chrom

omkring 1-2 uger
Grohe Euphoria Cube - Stick Handbrause Normalstrahl chrom

approx. 18-24 weeks
Hansgrohe Croma - Croma 100 Mono Handbrause EcoSmart 9 l/min

omkring 1-2 uger
Grohe Euphoria - Cosmopolitan 180 Kopfbrause

omkring 3-4 uger
Hansgrohe Crometta - Kopfbrause S 240 EcoSmart chrom

omkring 1-2 uger

ikke tilgængelig
Hansgrohe Ecostat Select - Brausethermostat Aufputz Renovation chrom

omkring 1-2 uger

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