hansgrohe Croma - 100 Multi/Ecostat 1001 SL Combi 0.90 m DN 15

Hansgrohe Croma - Croma 100 Multi / Ecostat 1001 SL Combi 0,90 m DN15
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Product details

General Producent hansgrohe
Serie Croma 100
Typen Udsat brusetermostatarmatur
Variant / Model with Croma 100 3jet Multi hand shower
Varenummer 27085000
Design af Hansgrohe
Tilgængelighed tilgængelig med det samme
Measurements Højde (mm) 668
Dybde (mm) 340
Characteristics Equipment / Consists of
Tilslutning højtryk
tilslutning Tilslutningstråd 1/2"
tilslutning størrelse 1/2″ - DN 15
montering Vægmontering (udsat)
Form omgang
Boiler egnet til øjeblikkelige vandvarmere
Characteristics Hand Shower
Characteristics Hand Shower Håndbruserens størrelse Ø 100 mm
Længde bruseslange 1600 mm
Antal jettyper af bruser 3 sprøjtetyper
Spray mode hand shower
  • hansgrohe Massage
    Powerful, relaxes and invigorates in targeted fashion.
  • hansgrohe Mono
    Targeted, focused, for selective relaxation.
  • hansgrohe Rain
    Powerful and full, ideal for washing hair.
maksimal flow af håndbruser ved et vandtryk på 3 bar 19.0 l/min
Technologies Hand Shower
  • hansgrohe QuickClean
    Thanks to the flexible silicone naps limescale deposits can be rubbed off easily by whiping with the finger.
  • hansgrohe XXL Performance
    Distributes the water on the large-area spray disk. So the whole body is enveloped by wellbeing drops.
Characteristics Thermostat
Characteristics Thermostat Omskifter with rotary switch
Cartridge with thermostatic cartridge
Temperaturbegrænser with adjustable temperature limiter, safety barrier at 40°C
Flowbegrænser without flow limiter
Refluks forebyggelse med refluks forebyggelse
Silencer with silencer
maksimal strøm af badekarets indløb ved et vandtryk på 3 bar 17,0 l/min
Number of outlets 1 forbruger
Technologies Thermostat
  • hansgrohe EcoSmart
    Reduces the flow and saves water and energy. For a lasting pleasure.
  • hansgrohe EcoStop button
    Limits the water consumption to 10 l/min.
Colour, Material, Surface
Colour, Material, Surface Materiale Metal / plastik
Farve chrom
Overflade skinnende
Shipping information
Shipping information Leveringsomfang
  • Hand shower
  • Exposed shower thermostat
  • Shower rail
  • Shower hose
  • Glider
  • Shelf
  • Mounting material

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